Our Team

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Lutz W. Lester

Managing Director

Andreas Roth

Managing Director

Björn Thomsen

Authorised Officer

Lindi Eggebrecht

Management Assistant

Daniel Freyer

Project Assistant Management Board

Corinna Henkel

Financial Accounting

Ronja Lehmkuhl


Axel Schuen

Director Product

Matthias Doerr

Project Manager

Tommy Exner

IT System Engineer

Miri Zymny

Marketing Coordinator

Philip Meier-Kroll

Technical Purchasing

Kirsten Bülck

Technical Purchasing

May-Britt Lehmann


Erik Madsen

Manager Engine and Component Tests

Florian Tabbert

Project Engineer

Bernd Kastenmeyer

Test Engineer

Dominik Söldner

Test Engineer

Nikhil Khatri

Design Engineer

Rohan Madan

Design Engineer

Thomas Fermüller

Quality Engineer

Frank Huybers

Workshop Manager

Wolfgang Rühmann

Electrical Equipment / Electronics

Rupert Baindl

Development & Construction (Freelancer)

FEV, USA & Germany

Engine calibration (FEV, Germany) and Design analyses (FEV, USA)

Technical College of Applied Sciences, Munich

Design, mechanical testing

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