Driven by innovation

The time of glorious days for real new inventions in the range of combustion engines seems to be long gone. Engines get more and more efficient and offer many variations. Though an enthusiastic inventive genius coupled with being open minded induced us to rethink mature technology. The principle of the twin crankshaft has received a name – NEANDER.

Our origin

Until the turn of the millennium our passion for engines has only been acted out on two-wheelers. Our intention was to put the incredible torque of a turbo diesel engine on the road. A unique motorcycle which possessed a powerful 100 HP turbo diesel engine had been our vision.

In 2003 this vision found a home through the foundation of NEANDER Motorfahrzeuge GmbH. The result: The NEANDER – the world’s first turbo diesel motorcycle.

The company has been transformed 2006 into NEANDER Motors AG.

Merely three years later – 2009 – the brilliancy of the idea had been proven e.g. by the Schmidt-Römhild Technology-Award presented by the Ministry of Science, Economy and Traffic of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

We grow with our success

Thus the idea of using the NEANDER technology for boats came into being. The realization of the idea took place quickly in the same year – in 2009 NEANDER Shark GmbH was founded as a 100% subsidiary of the NEANDER Motors AG. Ever since NEANDER Shark has vigorously implemented the unique concept in the maritime world.

Outstanding engineers and engine developers joint the NEANDER project soon. Lutz W. Lester´s extraordinary talent of generating enthusiasm caused “innovators” who had been active for companies like Porsche, Mercury Marine and Mahle to accept the challenge and defected to NEANDER. With their know-how and energy it became possible to pursue previously unventured path.

The objective: The worldwide first turbo diesel outboard engine – from development to series production.

Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein Peter Harry Carstensen & Lutz W. Lester (2010)