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December 12th, 2017 by Miri Zymny

500h permanent operation

A further proof of the durability and robustness of our turbo diesel outboard engine developed for commercial marine applications. On November 28th another 500h permanent operation of the Dtorque 111 was completed without any problems at the company headquarter of our production partner Selva. This time it was a matter of testing Bosch components for our supplier within a Bosch defined… read more

March 17th, 2017 by Heinrich Runte

Exhaust and noise emissions of the Dtorque 111 comply with the statutory regulations of the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU

For our turbodiesel outboard motor the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU is currently the measure of all things with regards to emission limits to be met. The necessary tests were carried out last week supervised by the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI) as the authorised institution. All tests were passed successfully. Here we would like to highlight especially the exceptional help… read more

February 17th, 2017 by Miri Zymny

The Dtorque’s 111 drivability impresses also at low temperatures

After our engine has successfully completed more than 60 cold start trials, showing that the Dtorque 111 is able to start at temperatures of -20°C or lower, further trials were carried out together with BOSCH to test the operating performance at low temperatures. With first-class support by Norrkust Marina Varvs AB in Båtskärsnä (near Luleå/Sweden) the Dtorque’s drivability at temperatures of -15°C… read more

February 8th, 2017 by Miri Zymny

Dtorque 111 goes into series production

On the occasion of the 5th fair participation at the „boot Düsseldorf“ we were able to report the serial production start of the world´s first turbodiesel outboard with dual crankshaft technology Parallel to the presentation of the Dtorque 111 with the serial number 0001 at the 48th international „boot Düsseldorf“ – the world’s largest indoor boat show – from 21 to… read more

November 21st, 2016 by Stefan Utermann

Dtorque 111 tiller steering test

Pre-series production start of the worldwide first turbodiesel outboard under 100 hp – our NEANDER Dtorque 111 – is drawing ever closer. Therefore more and more parts are getting tested finally with regards to their readiness. Amongst these is the tiller and the remote switching, which we obtain from NHK-MEC, the market leader for these parts. NHK-MEC have their head… read more

October 10th, 2016 by Stefan Utermann

Design review October 2016

Early October Neander engineers met with our American construction partner Davis Engineering and our production partner Selva for a design review in Öhringen by the Limes – a dead straight piece of the ancient Roman frontier wall, a UNESCO world heritage site in Northern Baden-Württemberg . Aim of the review meeting was to compare notes face-to-face about the first results… read more

July 20th, 2016 by Miri Zymny

Validation Test Ride

On 11 July 2016 we rang in the validation phase 2 of the NEANDER Dtorque with a two-week event of test drives on the Lago di Como with suppliers, investors, and partners. Since then the Dtoque has done the first hours of the planned 1000 h test run successfully on a Smartliner 19 an on a Tinn-Silver 530. All of… read more

May 14th, 2016 by Erik Madsen

500 hr endurance test: Start V2

Our NEANDER Dtorque 111 has completed the first endurance tests under full load successfully. The validation phase 1 of the worldwide first turbodiesel outboard with less than 100HP is thereby completed and we are in the middle of the preparations for series production. On this milestone occasion the three Managing Directors Lutz W. Lester, Claus Brüstle and Ulrich Wittwer sincerely… read more

June 14th, 2015 by Erik Madsen

Research and mechanical optimization at the Technical College of Applied Sciences, Munich

The laboratory for combustion engines at the Technical College of Applied Sciences, Munich and the company BMR from Geretsried have been NEANDR’s key partners since the development of the worldwide first turbo diesel motorcycle. Several designs made by BMR – who also manufactures some of our prototype parts – have been and are still being exclusively tested in close cooperation… read more

April 16th, 2015 by Stefan Utermann

Readiness review at our partner Selva Marine in Tirano, Italy

Beginning of April our engineers and the expert teams of Davis Engineering, Weber Egineering and Selva Marine attended a readiness review in Tirano, Northern Italy, at the headquarters of Selva Marine. During this two-day meeting the international teams were assembled around the same table with the aim to accelerate the engine’s development. One of the results was that most of… read more